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Welcome to today's article I will tell you about some magnetic drilling machine. As you have guessed, I continue heading Repairs in the house and a large construction project.

It all started with the fact that I needed to sharpen the core bits for metal. I was looking for in St. Petersburg, where I can help with this, and finally the company's website Rotabroach found a similar service. The fact that my friends recently opened a business related to the processing of metal products. I volunteered them to the extent possible to help.

My next task was to find in St. Petersburg drilling machine at a good price. I began to study the market and found in google magnetic drilling machines. They have pleased me, their size, weight, appearance, price, and above all functionality. So, after consulting with my colleagues, we decided to buy a sample for one such machine. He was wonderful to the point that I decided to write an article about it. So, read carefully!

So what kind of device. This machine, which can easily be anchored to the rail surface to be drilled.

Such machines on the basis of a magnet is often used in bridge construction, when producing water heaters, and even entire ships! But this range of things, which caters to the machine is not limited.

The machine magnetic soles are often used even when you do not handle ordinary drilling machines, for the electric drill. For example, you will need to work with steel plate - then a new one comes to the aid of this wonderful machine with a magnet.

In this equipment a lot of advantages! When I started working with him, then for himself he noted that it is convenient to operate, greatly increases the productivity of labor, working with them becomes much more accurate.

Yet there is another version of the machine - a multifunctional installation. Actually, it is from an ordinary machine, which I described above, it is not much different, too, with a magnetic plate, but has useful functions: tapping, drilling and spiral mandrel for deep drilling - with it you can handle any surface of the metal without difficulty. And it's not a joke.

If you need to buy cheap magnetic drilling machines, I advise you to refer to the company website Rotabroach in St. Petersburg - here. That's where I bought this equipment.

Drilling machine with magnetic soles - is a simple, convenient, mobile machine with LED. It is not difficult to transport, and on the example I found that it is possible to work in small spaces. So all heartily recommend.